Rose Water Benefits for Your Skin Care

Rose Water Benefits

Rose Water Benefits

Rose water has many benefits and can be used in various ways to profit your skin and overall well-being. Rose water is great for all skin types. It has gentle anti-bacterial properties into it and can help relieve redness and inflammation within the skin. This makes it a great product to use for those who suffer with acne or chronic redness. It won’t dry out your skin, therefore it is great for those with dry skin, too.

Rose water is really a concoction that is made of just that- roses and water, it is a by-product from distilling rose petals and water to create rose oil. It has been used as a beauty product for millennia. It has been discovered that cleopatra enjoyed taking baths with lots of rose petals in the water, and making facial masks produced from rose petals.  Read more……………..


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